IDfusion Announces Intel SGX Commercial License

IDfusion, LLC, the industry leader in autonomously introspected security platforms, is pleased to announce that it has been granted a commercial license to release software products based on Intel’s SGX technology. SGX, or Software Guard Extensions, is a powerful hardware security capability used to create regions of memory called enclaves that protect code and data from disclosure or modification.  With this licensing Agreement IDfusion joins a select group of companies, worldwide, which can distribute enclave-enabled security products.

To support its focus on applying SGX security guarantees to Intelligent Network Endpoint Devices (INEDs), IDfusion has produced an independent implementation of the SGX Platform Software (PSW) for the Linux operating system. The PSW is the support environment that enables the SGX capabilities of  Intel  processors to be used to create and remotely attest the security characteristics of enclave enabled software. IDfusion is the first company to announce an alternative PSW implementation designed for the needs of INED and related devices.

The alternative PSW is one component of the SGXfusion development environment available from IDfusion.  While initially designed as a cloud technology, the SGXfusion environment allows companies to bring the strongest possible SGX integrity guarantees to the Internet of Things (IoT), SCADA and other embedded application environments. In addition to an absolute minimum footprint, support for C only applications and popular embedded libraries such as MUSL, the SGXfusion environment provides the unique capability to create standalone SGX enabled binaries.  This framework encapsulates all functionality needed for an SGX enabled application into a single standalone binary with no external dependencies.

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