IDfusion LLC Presents at NDIA Cyber-Augmented Operations Technical Symposium

IDfusion, LLC, a technology company specializing in security solutions for Intelligent Network Endpoint Devices (INEDS) has partnered with the US Air Force Academy to demonstrate IDfusion’s innovative approach to help secure these devices. IDfusion and the cadets of the US Air Force will present a real time demonstration of its groundbreaking security technology, Autonomous IntrospectionTM (or the other AI) at the National Defense Industry Association’s Cyber-Augmented Operations Technical Symposium in Austin, TX on March 26, 2019. In reading this article, understand that no product or component can be absolutely secure.

IDfusion’s Autonomous IntrospectionTM technology provides a powerful modeling framework that allows the ultimate ‘whitelist’ to be defined for a platform. It has never been more important that the millions of intelligent devices we are becoming more dependent on have security features. Now, undesired platform behaviors can be intercepted and blocked before they can be used by an aggressor to modify a platform to do their will, rather than the intention of the platform designer.

The underlying technology for Autonomous IntrospectionTM is IDfusion’s Secure Runtime Development Environment (SRDE). The SRDE leverages Intel®Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX) to provide developers with a rich environment for providing more security for INED- class devices. The SRDE features C-based enhancements to Intel® SGX SDK technology and an independent, C-based implementation of the Intel® SGX Platform SoftWare (PSW). The SRDE also includes development libraries that include pre-built enclaves for rapid development and implementation of security solutions.

Dr. Greg Wettstein, Principal Engineer and co-founder of IDfusion LLC noted, “Secure Runtime Development Environment introduces a new paradigm for security architectures by enabling platform developers to use Intel SGX technology to help enforce precisely defined behaviors for either an entire hardware platform or container. IDfusion has been pleased to partner with the Air Force Academy, through its Center of Innovation, to extend its strong history of innovation in Intel SGX based security architectures”.

The US Air Force Academy’s involvement features work by five cadets from their Cyber Science and Computer Science programs. As part of their Senior Capstone project, the cadets leveraged IDfusion’s SRDE to provide more security for Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) device command-and-control using the MODBUS protocol which is commonly used to control them.

Major Bobby Birrer, the project mentor for the cadets, stated, “Being able to collaborate with an industry partner such as IDfusion to work on a real-world problem is an amazing opportunity for our cadets. Their work has the potential to significantly improve the security of critical SCADA systems, and I am very proud of them for being selected to present their work at a venue such as the NDIA Cyber-Augmented Operations Technical

IDfusion’s Autonomous IntrospectionTM leverages the Intel SGX security model to apply enclave technology to help secure IoT devices. IDfusion uses the Intel SGX security model to help ensure that the entire operating system and the application stack is doing the bidding of its designer and owner. IDfusion’s Secure Runtime Development Environment empowers developers to use modern DevOps technologies to build platforms with these important security features.

Cadet Lee and Cadet Taglieri will demonstrate their application of IDfusion’s Secure Runtime Development Environment to the problem of secured command and control of critical INED infrastructure during the NDIA symposium on March 26th at 12:30pm CDT. To learn more about the demonstration or to participate in the limited beta of Autonomous IntrospectionTM coming in the second quarter of 2019, contact IDfusion LLC at or visit our website.